HoverGames Guide (for Beta Testers)

Last updated last month

Guide for the HoverGames drone beta tester group to get started, give feedback and comment on the content.

This section can be deleted. The information is already integrated in the new part of the GitBook, or it's just outdated or not relevant anymore.

Welcome Beta Testers. This section of GitBook is for you specifically.

The following chapters is where you will find background information and instructions on what you are being asked to help with. This is a work in progress and expect it to change regularly. By subscribing to gitbook notifications you will be alerted as pages get updated.

Please look around and also review the other chapters. This Gitbook will eventually become or be used to create the HoverGames user guide. For now think of it as a big book of notes.

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  • On some pages you will notice that the right side will includes navigation to in-page sections

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