Further Documentation

Last updated last month

Most information in this section has been copied to the technical reference. It can probably be all deleted.

This GitBook is a draft, and meant as a holding and staging area for all things NXPhlite and the HoverGames Drone platform. It will likely be converted in the future to specific gitbooks on the assembly, how to guide, rules for HoverGames etc.

Please note that it is currently an eclectic collection of pages for general reference. Details on PX4 and other DroneCode components are available on their own separate Gitbooks. Wherever possible it is preferred to link to or contribute to those pages, particularly for NXPhlite documentation. Other items such as assembly of the HoverGames Drone Frame for example will live here and eventually on it's own gitbook.

The audience for this gitbook is therefore meant for:

  • NXP Internal and External supporters

  • Early Adopters, HoverGames BetaTesters, FirstFlight group

  • Hackers, enthusiasts

  • General Reference and a place to put information that doesn't yet have another home.