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Welcome to unofficial notebook for the NXPhlite PX4 FMU and HoverGames Drone information pages.

DRAFT This Gitbook is still DRAFT

NXPhlite prototype FMU

Please note that this document is being heavily edited and is draft. It may be moved into separate gitbooks for final release.

The NXPhlite is an experimental board that is compliant with and software. It runs NUTTX RTOS on top of a 180MHz, 2MB Flash NXP Kinetis K66 microcontroller.

In addition, it uses NXP automotive sensors, automotive CAN bus transceivers, as well as the new two wire automotive 100Base-T1 Ethernet transceiver TJA110x.

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  • Formatting and generally making this gitbook nicer

  • Add cable diagrams

  • Show newest S500 Frame and components

  • Show adapter DCD-LZ debugger adapter board

  • Add list of NXP components on the board?

  • Determine power distribution detail (USB board power does not power LED or Speaker, normally not an issue as battey is used..

  • Measure power consumption of NXPHLITE FMU (generic simple measurement)

  • Complete adding cable assemblies

  • Add pictures of debugger, Breakout board, FTDI cable, and other basics.

  • Getting started section

  • Clean up the sections to make them more logical

  • Show telemetry radio connection on UART

  • Introduction to DroneCode.. Why it was chosen.

  • Adjust settings to allow PDF and epub.