HDIB - HoverGames Drone IOT Adapter Board

Last updated 27 days ago

Board which connects the RapidIOT board and the NXPhlite or other Dronecode.org FMU


The HDIB is an adapter board that allows the RAPIDIOT board to connect to the NXPhlite or another DroneCode FMU using Standard JST GH DroneCode Connectors. It will accommodate two CLIK modules, and has both CANBUS and UART connections to the outside world. An NXPhlite DCD-LZ debug port is provided at the bottom of the board which provides SWD debug as well as a UART console port.

It *ALSO* maybe used for VSCP.org CAN Based IOT devices with the addition of the 3 pin DC-DC regulator.

Configuration Notes

The HDIB is meant to be highly configurable, particularly in terms of power supply or power flow. there are several diodes and optional resistors used to steer power. Please check your particular board to ensure that the components are set correctly.



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