D2X Evaluation board for Vera P174 Module

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Engineering R&D prototype board only and is not available from NXP. There is an alternative commercial D2X solution available using a later 802.11P NXP SAF5400 chip from SpectrumFiftyNine.

What is D2X?

D2X stands for Drone2X (X=anywhere) and is based on the Vehicle2X IEEE 802.11p mesh network standard. It is an established standard used in the automotive industry.

D2X (V2X) 802.11p is designed for

  • high approaching speed - up to 500km/h.

  • Very low latency - <1ms.

  • High datarate - up to 27Mbit/s.

  • fast link recovery.

  • using signal reflections other than normal wifi.

  • open mesh network infrastructure.

This makes it an excellent fit for drones that might fly in urban areas between buildings.

It uses the 5.9GHz band but due to SDR radio tuning to other frequency like ISM band or UNII-2Ext is possible. See Frequency usage for further details.

During tests with prerelease RF hardware a range of up to 1,5km was reached. With final production hardware we expect a stable link up to 3km.

Evaluation board

The reference design is developed in cooperation with Auvidea GmbH and will be made available as demoboard via their webshop.*


*Expected release is September 2018.


*all connections beside USB, GBit Ethernet, HDMI and MIPI-CSI are using JST-GH series connectors.

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