Grand Finale Track


Download Grand Fianle Track

The grand finale track was updatd on 12th September,2022 (9:30 AM IST). Please download the new track available below.

Download the following zip file containing the qualification round track and extract it in ~ros2ws/nxp_gazebo/models/ .

Your directory will look like this after downloading the new track:

Spawn Track in Gazebo

To add qualification round track into the simulation environment, navigate to ~/ros2ws/src/sim_gazebo_bringup/config in the software stack and open the gen_params.json file.

To add new track navigate to the "embedded_models" sub-tag in the "world_params" tag. Then copy the following code:

"embedded_models": {
				"embed_model_0": {
					"model": "Grand_Finale_Track",
					"name": "Raceway_1_track",
					"pose": "0 0 0.04000 0 0 0"

After launching gazebo via command line, you will see the following world in simulation:

Update Delay (Compulsory)

For Grand Finale Round, teams are required to add delay of 15 seconds before the car starts moving. To do this navigate to located at: ~/ros2ws/src/aim_line_follow/aim_line_follow. Set the value of start_delay.

self.start_delay = 15.0

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