Installation of Ubuntu

Guide to install setup for NXP AIM CUP CHALLENGE.


It is advised to have a steady internet collection and system to be plugged onto power as installation and setting up the setup will take a long time to finish. System requirements (recommended): 2 GHz dual core processor 4GB memory, 25GB available disk space USB Port.


System requirements (recommended):

  1. GHz dual-core processor

  2. 4GB memory

  3. 25GB available disk space for storage (less if installing the minimal version)

  4. DVD drive or USB port

It is advised to take a full system backup before proceeding with the installation as faulty installation can lead to loss/corruption of data!

Installing Ubuntu 20.04

All steps to install Ubuntu 20.04 can be found in PPT attached below. Refer to this guide to perform your desired type of installation:

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