Qualification Round Track

Track for Qualification Round.

Download Qualification Track

The qualification track was updatd on 1st July,2022. Please download the new track available below.

This is final track for qualification round. No more modifications will be taking place. (Finalized: 1st June,2022)

Download the following zip file containing the qualification round track and extract it in ~ros2ws/nxp_gazebo/models/ .

You might get pop-up dialogue for replacing start_point model folder. Replace it with the new model available in .zip package

Your directory will look like this after downloading the new track:

Spawn Track in Gazebo

To add qualification round track into the simulation environment, navigate to ~/ros2ws/src/sim_gazebo_bringup/config in the software stack and open the gen_params.json file.

To add new track navigate to the "embedded_models" sub-tag in the "world_params" tag. Then copy the following code:

"embedded_models": {
				"embed_model_0": {
					"model": "Raceway_1",
					"name": "Raceway_1_track",
					"pose": "-3.698240 -1.411953 0.03000 0 0 0"
				"embed_model_1": {
					"model": "start_point",
					"name": "start_point_1",
					"pose": "0.1 0.551953 0.03000 0 0 0"
				"embed_model_2": {
					"model": "start_point",
					"name": "start_point_2",
					"pose": "0.1 -0.651953 0.03000 0 0 0"

After launching gazebo via command line, you will see the following world in simulation:

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