Running NXP Gazebo

Booting up Gazebo

Once you've installed the NXP Gazebo stack, you can move on to running the example code provided in aim_line_follow to self-drive the car around a simple track. At the end of the "Installation of NXP Gazebo" guide, we ran a command in our terminal that booted up the stack. As a reminder, here's the command:

$ ros2 launch sim_gazebo_bringup

When you run this command, you should see that the Gazebo simulation is booted up, and a QT viewer window showing the simulated pixy camera output (from simulation environment) is opened. Here's what it looks like:

After about a 5 seconds delay, the car will start running the aim_line_follow ROS node automatically. It is your job as AIM participants to enhance the aim_line_follow node!

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