RDDRONE-T1ADAPT Ethernet adapter

T1 Automotive two wire Ethernet to 100base TX (RJ45) media converter adapter for mobile robotics


The RDDRONE-T1ADAPT is simply a media converter and can be used for *any* application evaluation where T1 Ethernet conversion is desired. It is *not* exclusively for drones, rovers or mobile robotics.

The RDDRONE-T1ADAPT is a small media converter adapter board between 100Base-TX Ethernet and 100Base-T1 2-wire Automotive Ethernet. 100Base-TX Ethernet uses a traditional RJ45 connectors while the 100BASE-T1 uses a 2 pin JST-GH header as found in DroneCode.org PX4 devices.

Note that the same 2 pin JST-GH connector and pinout is used on the NXP HoverGames Drone KIT-HGDRONEK66 FMUK66 (Flight controller) This PX4 based FMU is available separately from NXP as RDDRONE-FMUK66.

Some advantages of T1 Ethernet are :

  • 100 Mbps operation

  • Simple, requiring only a single twisted pair of lightweight wires

  • Light weight, lowering system weight

  • Easier to route wires

  • No bulky magnetics are needed

  • No custom or specific connectors are required

  • Capacitively coupled, signals do not need to be in specific order

  • Only small passive components needed on PCB resulting in reduced area

To power the board from an embedded device, there is a 3 pin JST-GH. This is designed to match with the equivalent 3 pin JST-GH connector and power the T1 adapter from an 8MMNavQ "NavQ" Companion computer. The NavQ can then connect to the FMUK66 over ethernet by adapting the ethernet interface to 2-wire.

When translating to T1 Ethernet from a laptop or other computer with RJ45, the T1ADAPT board may also be powered from the onboard USB connector. Note that this USB connector is only used to provide 5V power, and there is no actual USB data communications. This USB connector could also be used to power the board from something like a portable battery bank.

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