Connection between a PC and T1 Network

Connection using a 100Base-T1 Switch (RDDRONE-T1ETH8)

In the figure below an RDDRONE-T1ADAPT adapter board is used to connect a PC to T1 network switch. One such example T1 switch is the NXP RDDRONE-T1ETH8 Here the T1ADAPT is powered from the PC using a MicroUSB cable.

Similarly the PC could be replaced with a single board computer, and the T1ADAPT powered either from a spare USB power port, or through the alternative power inputs on board.

Note the RDDRONE-T1ETH8 T1 switch actually includes both T1, RJ45 and IX-Industrial ethernet connections, therefore a PC with RJ45 interface could actually plug directly into the T1 Switch.

For the sake of this example, we assume only T1 ports are available for use.

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