NXP Mobile Robotics

Welcome! This GitBook serves as a quick reference and as a documentation index for NXP’s Mobile Robotics solutions.

The purpose of this GitBook is to have all information centralized allowing easier setup for any of the different NXP boards. It contains all common information centralized on how to install software needed to interface with these boards, programming IDEs (Integrated Developing Environment) and much more. Links for every different installation process and download links are provided in the Download & Links page. There are also instructions on how to flash your boards with your own programs.

The order you read this GitBook is not linear. The only part which you should follow in order is the Flashing Guide section. Then for the Development Tools depending on what tool you need follow those instructions.

There are various other NXP GitBooks on different content. Use the links below to access them:

If something is not clear, try contacting someone in the Contacts list for help or use the FAQ.

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