First time software configuration of the BMS

This page will describe what you should set first

It is highly recommended that you check each parameters in Parameters of the BMS and make sure to configure each parameter. Use "bms get all" to get each parameter and it's value, so you could configure each one for your battery. Some parameters you would like to configure are:

  • battery-type (Which battery type do you have? 0=LiPo, 1=LiFePO4, 2=LiFeYPO4, 3=NMC, 4=Sodium-ion)

    • This will change the under- and over-voltage, storage voltage, nominal voltage and the OCV curve it uses to correct the state of charge

  • n-cells (the amount of cells of the battery) [3 .. 6]

  • sensor-enable (to enable the battery temperature sensor) [0=disable, 1=enable]

  • a-rem (the remaining capacity) [Ah]

    • the BMS does a guess on what the remaining charge is based on a OCV(open cell voltage)/SoC (state of charge) table from one specific battery, but every battery is different.

      • It is advisable to insert the correct OCV/SoC table for the battery.

  • a-factory (the factory capacity of the battery) [Ah]

    • What is the capacity stated on the battery?

  • a-full (the full charge capacity of the battery) [Ah]

    • while charging, the BMS will calculate this based on a-rem

    • If unknown, set to the same value as factory capacity after the next step

  • model-name (the name of the battery)

  • i-charge-full (the end of charge current of the battery (could be 10% from i-charge-max)) [mA]

  • i-charge-max (the maximum charge current) [A]

  • i-peak-max (the maximum peak current threshold [A])

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