Board features

The RDDRONE-BMS772 integrates the following functions and features:

  • LiPo Battery from 3s to 6s, with stack voltage ranging from 6V to 26V

  • ambient temperature range from -20°C to 60°C

  • measures battery stack and cell voltages with an accuracy of +/-5mV, battery charge or discharge current up to 200A peak and 90A* DC with an accuracy of 1% for the complete chain and cell temperature with an accuracy of +/- 2°C (including AFE, PCB and NTC inaccuracies)

  • active cell balancing during charging

  • offers a deep sleep mode (for transportation and storage) with <80μA leakage current, as well as an automatic sleep mode with <200μA current consumption on the battery.

  • allows authentication of the battery

  • allows diagnostics to verify the safe operation of the battery

  • allows CAN, I²C and NFC communication

  • implements SWD and JTAG debugging interfaces, works with standard Segger J-Link and other debuggers

  • implements DCD-LZ combined debug and uart console interface for use with PX4 DroneCode and HoverGames platforms

Note: The 90A DC maximum current is obtained only when all MOSFETs and heatsinks are mounted. See Power MOSFETs and heatsinks.

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