This page will tell you how to get more info on DroneCAN

The DroneCAN documentation for this board can be found in the release notes version 6: https://github.com/NXPHoverGames/RDDRONE-BMS772/blob/main/BMS772_releaseNotes_6.0.pdf Be sure to download this to get the full PDF. See:

  • Chapter 8.4: How to use the DroneCAN interface

  • Chapter 8.4.1 How to set up the DroneCAN GUI tool and start dynamic node ID allocation

  • Chapter 8.4.2 How to use the DroneCAN GUI tool to configure the BMS

  • Chapter 8.4.3 How to use the DroneCAN GUI tool to monitor the DroneCAN messages

  • Chapter DroneCAN messages implemented

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