Parameters of the BMS

This page shows the parameters of the BMS.

This page will describe the variables of the BMS. There are 3 kind of parameters

  1. The BMS variables

  2. The BMS configuration parameters

  3. The hardware parameters

The BMS variables give the variables of the BMS, like the voltages, currents and temperatures. The BMS configuration parameters are the parameters that could be used to configure the BMS, like the battery parameters, BMS parameters and more. The hardware parameters could be used to keep track of the parameters of the hardware parameters, like the maximum current that is limited by the MOSFETs power dissipation.

In the console (CLI) type "bms get all" to get all the parameters and its current value.

BMS variables list

BMS configuration parameters list

A line means this is not implemented yet. *these parameters will only be implemented during startup of the BMS

BMS hardware parameters list

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