How to use NFC

This page will tell you how to get NFC information

The BMS has an NTAG5 on board to have NFC communication with an NFC enabled device. In the current example an NDEF text record is implemented. This text record has the actual battery information and is updated each measurement time. If the data is read out via NFC, the new updated data cannot be written to the NTAG at the same time. To read the data with NFC, approach the BMS with an NFC enabled mobile phone. It should automatically pop up with the text message after a read, as can been seen in the figure below. An NFC read application could be used as well. If the BMS is in a low power state, the NFC is disabled and it will show some information on the state. If the BMS is in the sleep state, an NFC interaction can be used to wake up the BMS.

The following information can be found using an NFC read:

  • output voltage

  • Battery current

  • State of charge

  • State of health

  • Output current

  • Number of charges

  • Battery id

  • Model id

  • Current BMS application state

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