Cross Braces and Grommets Installation

Mechanical assembly guide showing how to attach the cross braces to the bottom chassis and some plastic insulation elements.


Bill of materials


  1. Remove one of the suspension arms completely from the bottom chassis.

  2. Grab one of the cross braces and insert one of its tabs in the opening you just made as so.

  3. Start pivoting the cross brace pushing back and forth to the point you get the arm completely inside of the unit.

  4. Move the now inserted cross brace to the other end of the bottom chassis.

  5. Fix the cross brace in place using four M3-0.5x5 button head cap screws.

  6. Repeat steps 1-3 to install the second cross brace. You can re-install the suspension arm at this point.

  7. Insert the two plastic grommets.

Assembly notes

Make sure to install the cross brace that is further from the suspension arm opening first.

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