T-Arm Insertion to Bottom Chassis

Installing Suspension Modules to the Bottom Chassis of El Mandadero.


Bill of materials


  1. Insert the rubber edge trim into the inner edge of the opening in the Bottom Chassis.

  2. Angle the Suspension Arm at a 45°'ish angle and insert the exposed portion of the axle first, ensuring it sits right above the rubber trim as so:

  3. Pivoting on the rubber trim, turn the suspension arm to a straight angle while pushing inwards.

  4. Once the suspension arm is in place, fix it using the included six M5-0.8x10 screws and their respective locknuts just as shown in the video.

  5. Repeat the above steps with the remaining suspension arms.

Assembly notes

NOTE that you will need to leave at least ONE Torsion arm assembly temporarily disconnected in order to get the 220-001 cross braces in place. This is needed, as the opening in the chassis is used to angle the cross braces into place.

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