Inner Structure Assembly

Guide describing how to set up the inner structure of the ELM4 Top Payload.


Bill of materials


  1. Gather the two Bottom Bases and the Bottom Mid-Cross and assemble them using four M3-0.5x5 screws and two M5-0.8x10 screws with two M5 locknuts. Note the M5 screws and locknuts are installed in two center holes and are used to prevent the inner-basket panels (the ones with tabs and matching slots) to flex slide out of the slots during assembly.

  2. Now take the two Panel Basket Mid Crosses and install them in the Bottom Mid-Cross using eight M3-0.5x5 screws.

  3. Get the Panel Inner Baskets (110-016) and insert their tabs in the slots at the bottom plate.

  4. Screw them in from the inner faces of the Middle Crosses.

  5. Next take the Top Mid-Cross and fix it in place using eight M3-0.5x5 screws.

  6. Now take the two front/rear U-Frames and put them in place using eight M3-0.5x5 screws per frame.

  7. Grab the two front/rear Crosses and install them using four M3-0.5x5 screws at the bottom and six at the front per panel.

  8. Take the four outer Q Panels and install them using eight M3-0.5x5 per panel. Three going to through the front crosses, three through the middle crosses and two to the bottom panels.

  9. Get all of the outer U-Frames and install them as so.

Assembly notes

Don't forget on adding the two M5-0.8x10 button head cap screws and the M5 locknuts at the bottom plate to ensure the tabs in the middle cross braces don't pop out of place.

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