Arch and accesories installation

Installation of archway module, side panels and accessories like electric locks, GPS and headlights in the top payload.


Bill of materials


  1. Remove the side covers from the Archway module.

  2. Insert the Arch in the open side of the side U-Channels. Set it in place using two M5-0.8x10 button head cap screws.

  3. Put the covers back to protect the screen and electronics.

  4. Install the electric doors and the adapter brackets using the three M4-0.7x8 screws included in the kit.

  5. Install the Top Corner Plastic Guards using one M3-0.5x5 button head cap screw. Then add the little plastic cap after fastening the screw.

  6. Install the Corner Plastic guards using six M3-0.5x12 button head cap screws.

  7. Install the GPS mount using four M3-0.5x5 button head cap screws.

  8. Install the front headlights.

  9. Now take the front/rear C-Channels and install them using fourteen M3-0.5x5 button head cap screws. Six at the front, four at the bottom and four at the top.

  10. Install the front/rear Q-Channels using three M3-0.5x5 screws per channel.

  11. Install the side C-Channels using eighteen M3-0.5x5 and two M5-0.8x10 screws. You will need six M3 at the front, six at the bottom and six at the top. The two M5 are used to finish installing the arch.

  12. Install the side Q-Channels using four M3-0.5x5 button head cap screws.

Assembly notes

Make use of the different cutouts to route and hide your wiring.

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