NavQ add on modules

These components are designed to interface and work with the NavQ.

Unless otherwise indicated, the following add on modules are not included with the NavQ HoverGames 2 kit (HG2).

In addition They may not all be available, and may be experimental in nature.

  • USB-UART serial debug console (included with HG2 Kit)

  • LTE CAT-M1 cellular modem

  • PMDTEC Time of Flight (TOF) Camera

  • Lighthouse tracking module

  • NXP 100BaseT1 2-wire Automotive Ethernet

  • Edgelock SE050 Secure Element

  • 5" high resolution MIPI-DSI LCD

  • MIPI-DSI to HDMI adapter

  • PCI.e M2.Module - Kingston SSD

  • Non contact gesture tracking module

  • Kingston eMMC, LPDDR4, Industrial SDCARD

  • RJ45 breakout.

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