NavQ and HoverGames

NavQ is a companion computer reference design for HoverGames and commercial development of drones and rovers.
NXP HoverGames Drone Software Competition
While the 8MMNavQ is a standalone computer, it has been designed with NXP HoverGames coding competition in mind. And specifically the NXP KIT-HGDRONEK66 using the RDDRONE-FMUK66 flight controller.
As a result of HoverGames planning, the NavQ also makes a great companion computer for many other PX4 or Ardupilot flight controllers
HoverGames specific features include
  • NavQ can connect to HoverGames (RDDDRONE-FMUK66)
    • via serial
    • via Ethernet (using 100BaseT1 2 wire ethernet adapter)
    • via USB (requires specific configuration)
  • RGB LED onboard for status reporting
  • USB-C console for debugging
  • Power input via USB-C or JST-GH power header
  • MicroUSB port for peripherals (hub, usb cameras, sensors)
  • IX industrial Ethernet jack
  • Serial ports using JST-GH connectors
  • I2C/SPI port using JST-GH connectors
  • 3 wire LED strip connector with power supply
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • MIPI Camera intereface (Google Coral Camera default)
  • eMMC and removable SDCard memories
  • MIPI DSI for display (particularly for Rover applications)