100BaseT1 2-Wire Automotive Ethernet media converter

Additional RDDRONE-T1ADAPT media converter details can be found here: https://nxp.gitbook.io/rddrone-t1adapt/

TJA110x 2-Wire Ethernet

NXP's TJA1101 is an Ethernet PHY that provides a two-wire 100BaseT1 Ethernet interface. The Ethernet MAC side of this interface is not unusual, and the traffic on the line is "regular Ethernet"

NXP's Flight controller for Mobile Robotics - RDDRONE-FMUK66 includes a 2-wire Ethernet interface on board. In order to connect this with the 8MMNavQ this media converter can be used. The RDDRONE-T1ADAPT is also useful when connecting to other experimental modules such as V2X or an Automotive 5/10 port switch.

Connecting the RDDRONE-T1ADAPT

On RDDRONE-T1ADAPT power is supplied via a 3 pin JST-GH connector. There is a matching 3 pin JST-GH connector on the 8MMNavQ. A simple 1:1 cable is used. Optionally a USB-C cable can be used to provide power (only) connection. A 2 pin JST-GH connector is used for connecting Ethernet between this board and another - such as the RDDRONE-FMUK66. A simple 1:1 cable is used.

There are also locations marked on the bottom side of the board for soldering in wires for both power and 2-wire Ethernet


There is a small NXP LPC processor on board to configure the back to back PHYs and manage setup and LEDs. This board comes pre-programmed and there is no user software required. Contact hovergames@nxp.com or your local NXP representative if there is a specific need to access the software.

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