LTE Cat M1 modem

This is a Murata Type1SC LTE CAT M1 Cellular Modem and is a low bandwidth solution for IOT.
This LTE Cat M1 modem is a small form factor module for development that includes the PX4 type connectors suitable for connection with the NavQ.
Note that at this time any software for this module is the responsibility of the user. Murata and Emcraft may have example or reference code to follow.
Details may be found here: Murata Type1SC LTE Cat M1 Cellular modem
Cellular IoT solutions are new standards defined by the 3GPP Group to answer requirements such as low power, long range and low data rate usage. Two standards currently exist - LTE Cat.M1 is one of the current standards and is intended for low bandwidth intermittent use, as expected for an IOT-type device.
Cat M1 can deliver secure, world-wide coverage by using the same base stations, public networks and power supplies as mobile phones.
It is important to recognize that Cat M1 is not the same as 4G LTE data bandwidth you have come to expect on your cell phone data plan. This is not suitable for streaming video, instead it would be intended more for intermittent low bandwidth telemetry or sensor data.
Murata Type1SC LTE Cat M1 Cellular modem (low bandwidth)
Generally speaking LTE Cat M1 modems are designed to support these features:
  • High Security, Encrypted communication and FOTA
  • Low consumption capable of 10+ years of battery life
  • Wide coverage using existing smartphone networks
  • Low cost - Reduction of R&D and operational cost
  • GPS-free geolocation solution
  • Large network capacity w/ reduction of data rate
LTE Cat.M1(Release 13)
Based on LTE
Up to 1.4MHz
Peak DL data rate Peak UL data rate
300kbps 375bps
Frequency deployment
LTE in Band
Duplex mode
Half or Full duplex
Voice/Data support
Voice & Data
Tx Power
20, 23dBm
Targeted Applications
Critical applications Healthcare, smart factory, security Low latency Emergency devices, smart cities Geolocation Asset tracking, wearable, fleet management