Current HW SW status

Rolling updates on the status of hardware and software


  • 5/10/2020 - Production Hardware in manufacturing


October demo update

The changelog for the October Demo Image update is as follows:

  • Added support for SLCAN devices

  • Added SPI support through the userspace SPI driver "spidev"

  • Fixed issues with SDMA firmware loading

  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth sometimes not working after a reboot

As of July 17 2020:

  • <u> 20.04 image is fully working with package manager, ROS, UART, WiFi, etc.

As of July 8 2020:

  • An <u> 19.10 image was built and tested with the Google Coral camera. A picture was successfully taken using this image. A working image with the following features should be finished Soon™:

    • Gstreamer + OpenCV w/ working camera

    • UART communication to NXP RDDRONE-FMUK66 for Offboard control using MAVROS (not from)

    • WiFi connection for communication with NavQ

      • Would enable streaming video back to base station for processing as well as creating in-house user interfaces for controlling the HoverGames drone

As of July 7 2020:

  • NXP Yocto Debian image

  • 3rd party <u>-like image

    • Works, can install ROS/OpenCV, but most hardware doesn't work (camera, hdmi, etc)

  • 3rd party Debian image

  • EmCraft Linux image

    • Works, has desktop, has OpenCV/Gstreamer, no ROS

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