Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit

About the Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit

NXP’s Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit is a comprehensive, secure and power-optimized solution designed to accelerate prototype and development of an IoT end node.

Rapid IoT integrates 11 NXP devices (microcontroller, low-power connectivity, sensors, NFC, secure element, power management, interface) in a small form-factor hardware design, and combines it with proven software enablement (drivers, RTOS, middleware, cloud connect) and a web IDE with GUI based programming.

Rapid IoT provides the easiest and fastest path for anyone to take their connected thing idea to a proof-of-concept. -- NXP.com

Connecting the Rapid IoT to the FMUK66

An adapter board will be available that allows you to easily connect the Rapid IoT to the FMUK66. This RDDRONE-IOT or "HDIB board" (HoverGames Drone IoT Adapter Board) has JST-GH connectors for UART, CAN and debugging. It also has two mikroBUS sockets for connecting all kinds of Click Boards. More information is available on its own page:

pageRDDRONE-IOT "HDIB" adapter board

Example code to enable MAVLink is available. More information can be found on its own page:

pageMAVLink for Rapid-IOT

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