Development tools

This section explains how to set up the basic development tools needed for the HoverGames.


There are several ways one can work with the developement tools for PX4. This section explains setting up software for running a virtual machine, creating such a virtual machine, and installing the required development tools inside it.

Docker Container

An alternative method would be to use Docker containers for the toolchain. A guide is available from PX4 here:

Virtual Machine

A preconfigured virtual machine is available on our downloads page. It already includes the development tools with the recommend configuration. You still need to download and install VirtualBox. You can import the VM into VirtualBox by going to File -> Import Appliance...
If you choose to download the preconfigured VM, you do not have to follow the instructions in the rest of this section. However, it will be still be useful to read these pages, as it will provide insight in how the tools are setup and how you can use them. Also, you might want to enable some extra resources for your virtual machine if your computer is powerful enough.
Note that the default hovergames useraccount also has hovergames as its password!
We will start with setting up the VirtualBox software for creating and running a virtual machine. We will also create the virtual machine, in which we will install the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Inside this virtual machine, the basic PX4 toolchain will be installed, which should provide all the tools already to build your own firmware binaries from source. Finally, we will install the NXP MCUXpresso integrated development environment (IDE), which allows you to edit, build and debug the PX4 firmware.
It is very well possible to install all tools on your main operating system, whether you are using Linux, Windows or MacOS. Most of the used tools are cross platform, but it should be noted that the majority of developers use Linux or MacOS.
We only provide the instructions for setting up a Linux virtual machine, because this should work well for most users and it is easier for us to support a single platform. You are free to install the tools on your main operating system, but please be aware that you might need to figure some things out using other resources.