Not included items

This page lists some parts that are not included in the HoverGames kit, but are required to use the HoverGames drone.

While the HoverGames kit includes most of the parts needed to build your HoverGames drone, some parts could not be included. You will have to buy them yourself. On this page, you can find a list of parts that you need to buy to complete your HoverGames drone.

Holybro Transceiver Telemetry Radio V3

The standard drone kit does NOT include a telemetry radio transceiver set, because there are different versions for different regions. However, NXP does sell the recommended Holybro radios!

Please make sure you order the right ones for your region. Depending on your location, you need either a 915 MHz or 433 MHz set. Please check which frequencies / ISM bands are allowed in your region.

These are the NXP part numbers of the telemetry radio sets:

  • HGD-TELEM915 - Holybro 915 MHz telemetry radio set (Americas)

  • HGD-TELEM433 - Holybro 433 MHz telemetry radio set (Europe, India)

A set of telemetry radios allows you to change settings and parameters of the FMU without USB. It also allows you to check the status of the drone while it is in the air. One radio connects directly to the FMU. The other radio can be plugged into your computer using the included USB cable.

LiPo batteries

Drones require batteries which can handle the high currents drawn by the motors. Lithium batteries are able to supply these high currents. Typically these are lithium polymer batteries in a flat "pouch" type configuration. Other cell types and chemistry such as Lithium ion cylindrical or LiFe prismatic cells may be used in some commercial applications. These lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries (and most lithium batteries) can be quite dangerous because of the amount of power they hold, and as such there may be restrictions for shipping this kind of batteries. Overcharging, overdischarging and overheating can lead to catastrophic failure and an uncontrollable lithium metal fire. While you should not be unduly worried, you should always treat the battery pack with respect, store and charge them safely, and properly dispose of any damaged ones. For this reason, there was no battery included in the kit. You will have to buy an appropriate LiPo battery yourself.

As an extra precaution, charging and storing batteries outside, on a concrete floor or in a metal box (Bat-Safe) is a good practice.

NOTE: In most parts of the world LiPo batteries must be shipped by ground only, and labelled properly on external packaging. Never try to ship or pack a LiPo battery by air.

Airline Travel with LiPo batteries

Review local regulations when carrying LiPo batteries on an Aircraft - for example to attend a tradeshow. Generally you cannot pack LiPo batteries in luggage that will go in the cargo hold, and will be required to safely carry them on your person in hand luggage. Battery size, number of batteries and battery wattage restrictions will apply. Check with your airline.

Battery specification

The provided frame, motors and ESCs are designed for a a LiPo battery with the following battery specifications:

  • 3S or 4S, which means a battery with 3 or 4 cells in series. This is often also indicated by the nominal voltage, which is 11.1 V for 3S batteries and 14.8 V for 4S batteries.

  • XT60 power connector (the big connector, usually yellow).

  • Capacity of 3000 mAh to 5500 mAh will give you a reasonable flight time.

    • Smaller batteries will reduce flight time.

    • Larger capacity batteries will become too big and heavy.

    • A capacity of around 4200 mAh is usually the most cost effective.

  • 20C continuous discharge rating or higher is recommended. 20C means that the battery can supply a continuous current 20 times its capacity. For a 4000 mAh battery, that means it can continuously supply a current of 80 A. For a 3000 mAh battery you probably want to have at least a 25C rating.

Check your local RC flying or DIY electronics shop, or RC and electronics webshops such as Hobbyking or Conrad. You can also have a look at the ReadytoSky shops at or AliExpres. NXP does not endorse any specific shop, we are merely suggesting some options.

We suggest a 3S, +/- 5000 mAh battery with XT60 connector.

Handle LiPo batteries with care! These batteries can catch fire or explode when not handled in the right way. Read about the dangers of LiPo batteries and make sure you know how to safely charge and store LiPo batteries.

LiPo battery charger

A good LiPo battery charger is required to safely charge your LiPo batteries. This cannot be done with an ordinary power supply or battery charger! The kits already include a simple charger to get you started. However, these chargers are slow because they only charge through the balance connector.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a higher quality charger at some point. A good one charges the battery through its main connector and uses the balance connector only for cell balancing. A good battery charger should also be able to charge batteries with different cell configurations.

The same shops suggested for the LiPo batteries should also sell the right chargers. Have a look at your local RC flying or DIY electronics shops, or go to webshops such as HobbyKing, Conrad, or the ReadytoSky shops at or AliExpress.

Again, this is not an endorsement of these specific shops, merely a suggestion.

AA batteries

The RC transmitter is powered by four AA batteries, which are not included in the kit. They should be easily available for you to buy.

Extra screwdrivers

The HoverGames kit includes some hex/Allen keys and a wrench which are needed to build the frame. However, you might also need an additional Phillips/Pozidriv screwdriver and a small 1.5 mm hex/Allen key. Note that there are 2.0 and 2.5 mm hex keys included in the HoverGames drone kit.

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