3D printable parts

Several 3D printable models have been designed to improve the user experience with RDDRONE-FMUK66 and the HoverGames drone kit. Some 3D printed parts are also included in the drone kit.

Several 3D printable models for the HoverGames drone are available on Thingiverse. Search terms such as "RDDRONE-FMUK66", "NXPhlite" or "HoverGames" should pull up most files. They are also listed below. Please also use these terms for tags if you publish anything yourself.

Also, you may also find interesting accessories by searching for "S500" or "LJI X4"


Debugger adapter board case

RC receiver antenna bracket

Improved landing gear T-connector

Improved landing gear parts

Note that the improved landing gear T-connector above is based on the T-connector included with this design. From this one, you should only use the part that connects the landing gear to the body of the drone.

Original style landing gear T-connector

Rapid IoT bracket

RC transmitter stick and switch protector

Battery balance lead protector clips

Protective outer dome/shield

You may have to drill or cut access holes for the GPS or telemetry antenna

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