Zephyr on FMUK66

FMUK66 is supported in Main branch for Zephyr.

We will work to add examples of how to use it here in the near future. Meanwhile there are examples os using PWM and other interfaces which can be found in the

Zephyr Documentation

Zephyr documentation here:

Sample Zephyr applications:

An example of using the Servo Motor:

An example of running the RGB LED test controlled by PWM

An example of using pressure sensor bme280/bmp280 over internal I2C bus

An example of using magnetometer sensor bmm150 over internal I2C bus

An example of using 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis magnetometer fxos8700 over internal SPI bus

An example of running angular rate gyroscope fxas21002 over internal SPI bus

An example to communicate over socketcan

Local Zephyr Repo

It is possible in the future that some development has taken place that is not yet pushed to Zephyr/ Main. Below is our local working repo where we may be working on updates.

Note there are many branches in this local repo.

You can use pr-multi-socketcan for using multiple socketcan interfaces in parallel.

For any other development checkout pr-fmuk66-board

AIM India Program

Aim India may also use MR-Buggy3 and similar code. A link is provided here for reference only.

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