It is very important to keep safety in mind at all times. This page provides an overview of the most important safety aspects and provides links to other important pages in this GitBook.

Drone laws and regulations

Regulations around the world vary greatly, and not handling according to regulations can result in significant penalties. It is your own responsibility that you follow these regulations.

Ensure you are familiar with the local regulations that are in place before you fly: regulations are different depending on what continent, country or region you want to fly. The links below might be a good starting point. Please contact us if you have any additions to this list.

Safety settings

On several pages of this GitBook, important safety settings are explained. You will come across them when following the pages in the intended order, but please check that you did not mis anything.

The sections linked to below describe how to set up your RC transmitter and your FMU such that the drone should not show unexpected behavior when for instance the connection is lost. Before you turn on your drone with propellers installed, you should have read these pages and set the settings as described. You should understand why we advice these settings, and understand the shortcomings.

If you decide to deviate from the recommended settings, make sure you know what behavior you can expect and learn what you can do in case something goes wrong.

Flying safely

In the flying section, the principles of safely handling your drone are described. Remember to be extra careful with your first few flights. Fly responsibly and be prepared in case something goes wrong. Make sure you know what to when something happens. You should know which options you have to land or shut down the drone.