Video guide (outdated)

This page lists all videos explaining how to build the HoverGames drone.

This page is archived. You are probably looking for the up-to-date assembly guide.


Please be aware that these videos are slightly outdated. The recommended way to build the HoverGames drone based on the S500 frame is described on the previous pages, including many pictures. The build order and instructions in the videos may or may not be the same as the recommended instructions.

Part 1 - Kit contents

Part 2 - Mounting the motors

Part 3 - Mounting the ESCs

Part 4 - Mounting the arms

Part 5 - Mounting the BEC, landing gear and top plate

The video also shows how to mount an extra BEC, which might not be included in the HoverGames kit. You will need such a BEC whenever you want to use peripherals that require a constant voltage power supply, such as FPV streaming hardware and companion computers.

Part 6 - Mounting the battery plate and FMU

Part 7 - Mounting the GPS mast, arming switch and buzzer

Part 8 - Soldering and mounting the FMU power module

This video suggests soldering the wires from the FMU power module directly to the drone power board. This is a good practice for production, but it is adviced to keep the XT60 connector and solder an extra XT60 socket to the power board.

This will make it easier to plug in and try new power modules that might be created as part of HoverGames. Also, if desired, the FMU can be powered with the added safety precaution of not providing any power to the motors.

Part 9 - Soldering and mounting GPS

New kits will come with additional cables that have a Hirose DF13 connector and a JST-GH on the other end. They do require some careful assembly to get the DF13 side to fit properly. Also have a look at the relevant pages in our technical reference:

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