PyOCD and MCU-Link

Programming with low cost opensource tools

NXP recommends using the commercially supported tools and programmers for S32K3 automotive processors as noted on the product webpages.

Opensource tools

In order to make the MR-CANHUBK344 more accessible, several opensource tools have been enabled. Do not expect the same level of performance as commercial tools. The opensource and low cost hardware programmer/debugger MCU-link is able to run the software PyOCD software. This combination has been made to work with S32K344. This is a very low cost DIY option for hobbyists and students. Please be sure to read the documentation well in order to be successful. Support will generally not be available on NXP community when using these tools.

These tools are considered unsupported by NXP engineers for use with S32K344 processors.

More details on the MCU link programmer/debugger may be found here.


Basic support for the S32K344 has been included in PyOCD. Please follow the documentation for this opensource project at the link below:

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