Kit Contents

The MR-CANHUBK344 comes as a kit that includes the items specified on the packing slip documents. Note a reduced kit is also expected to be made available. In the full version the following hardware components are included:

  • MR-CANHUBK344 board

  • DCD-LZ debug breakout board

    • This is an adapter board that gives access to a standard 10-pin, 0.05" SWD debug connector, as well as a debug/console UART header compatible with a standard 3.3V USB-to-UART cable.

  • USB-to-UART adapter cable (attaches to the DCD-LZ board)

  • Power adapter cables

    • Including JST-GH to commonly used red JST-SYP connector, barrel plug connector, and XT60 LiPo battery connector.

  • 6x CAN cables

  • 6x CAN Termination boards

  • 1x 100Base-T1 “two wire” Ethernet cable using JST-GH connectors

    • Note: automotive applications will specify alternative connectortypes. You may wish to fabricate an adapter cable.

  • Generic JST-GH cables for UART/SPI/I2C, used for customizing to your specific needs

  • Small 0.91” OLED display

  • NFC antenna, to be connected to the Secure Element

The JST-GH connectors will follow the Dronecode pinout standards where one exists for that type of interface. Otherwise confirm the pinout using the schematics.

The intent with these "Dronecode standard" cables, and particularly with the generic UART/SPI/I2C 4/6/7-pin cables, is that you may cut or otherwise adapt them to attach to your specific interface requirements.

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