100Base-T1 Ethernet

Location of 100BASE-T1 Ethernet Connector

Ethernet Connector

P9 is a two pin JST-GH connector provides the 100Base-T1 “two wire” Ethernet connection. The connection can plug directly into a MR-T1ETH8 network switch or other mobile robotics boards such as NavQPlus or FMURT6.

You may need to create a simple adapter cable to adapt to other systems (such as automotive devices) which have 100Base-T1 Ethernet.

Automotive 100Base-T1 Ethernet uses two wires to provide full duplex 100Mbps Ethernet signaling without the need for large or heavy magnetics like 100Base-TX Ethernet. The signals are capacitively coupled and there is a simple filter network before external signals reach the PHY.

The Yellow LED (D88) on the backside of the PCB indicates the link status. Flashing indicates there is a link.

Connector P9:

Pin #SignalSpecification



Polarity is automatically negotiated



Polarity is automatically negotiated

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