PWM & GPIO Headers

These 0.100” pin headers are available for experimentation with PWM signals and other GPIO.


RC-PWM refers to radio control hobby style PWM signals. These are pulses between 1000 and 2000 msec. (The PWM channels that drive these pins are capable of faster and high-resolution timing and could be configured to drive a BLDC motor Gate driver directly.)

P8A, P8B Connectors

P8A has intentionally been physically configured with the center pin as a common BEC power rail and the left pin as GND to allow RC hobby style RC servos or ESCs to plug in directly. Often one of the RC devices such as an ESC, can supply 5V (BEC) power to the other servos. Alternatively a separate RC BEC may also be plugged in to provide independent power to the RC devices. Refer to the schematics for further details. Note that while typically software provided will specifically configure the PWM output for RC Style PWM timing, there are no actual constraints on PWM signal timings other than the ranges the MCU is capable of based on the system clocks. i.e a simple PWM can be generated also.

The image for P8A and P8B below is copied fromt the schematics. The schematic representation looks MIRRORED from the physical part on the board when viewed fromt top .

i.e on the board, pin 1 is on the right side when viewed from the top. Refer to the board silkscreen and the SQUARE Pin 1 on the physical board for confirmation.

P8B includes access to SPI4 interface, ADC channels and eight GPIOs. Reminder that these pins also will have alternative pin map assignments available. The ADC channels may be considered for use in motor control applications.

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