MR-CANHUBK344 Block Diagram

Listed Hardware Features

  • NXP S32K344 Automotive General-Purpose MCU

    • 1x Lockstep Arm Cortex-M7 @ 160 MHz

  • NXP FS26 Safety System Basis Chip with Low Power Fit for ASIL D

    • Allows 5-40V power input

  • 6x CAN FD (each with 2 connectors, for easy daisy-chaining):

  • 100Base-T1 2-Wire Automotive Ethernet

  • NXP EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element

    • External NFC antenna can be connected

  • 6x UART (External)

    • 2x with handshake / flow control ines available (TX/RX/CTS/RTS)

    • 4x without handshake (TX/RX only)

  • 3x I2C

    • 2x general purpose (e.g. for connecting external sensor modules, or an OLED display)

    • 1x secure element (e.g. allows for encrypted sensor data - see SE050 for more information)

  • 2x SPI, each with two dedicated chip select lines

  • Arm 10-pin* JTAG/SWD header for debugging

    • *Can be extended to 20-pin variant, to also allow trace debugging

  • DCD-LZ 7-pin SWD & UART connector for debugging

  • PWM and GPIO headers

  • Optional Pixhawk IMU connector

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