The MR-CANHUBK3-ADAP is an optional adapter board for the MR-CANHUBK344 that includes a SD card interface, sensors and Dronecode connectors to ease the use of PX4 on the S32K344.

It includes the following:

  • ICM42688P IMU

  • BMM150 Magnetometer

  • SD Card slot

  • Dronecode 10-pin GPS connector

  • JST-GH 6 Pin RC connector

  • JST-SH 4 Pin I2C connector

The current main branch of PX4 auto-detects this board and changes the settings for the sensors and output accordingly.

To check whether board detection was successful you should see the following output on boot. nsh> ver all HW arch: NXP_MR_CANHUBK3 HW type: MR-CANHUBK3-ADAP

The UART mapping for MR-CANHUBK3-ADAP is as follows. GPS - GPS_1_CONFIG - 202 RC input - RC_PORT_CONFIG - 104

MR-CANHUBK3-ADAP also provides VBAT ADC circuit. The voltage divider is set by the BAT1_V_DIV PX4 parameter. It's recommended to re-calibrate this divider for accurate voltage measurements.

The SD card needs to be wired up using a 7-pin JST-GH connector, where the MR-CANHUBK3-ADAP SPI connector has to be connected to the MR-CANHUBK344 P1B SPI connector. Note straight cable connection i.e. pin 1 to pin 1

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