Programming Interface

Two programming connectors are provided. The traditional Arm 10-pin JTAG/SWD and a “DCD-LZ” Dronecode Debug connector. Note also that the 10-Pin JTAG/SWD may be removed and replaced with a larger 20-pin header, giving full access to the trace debug pins.

Location of Debug Connectors

Debug Connectors


This is a JST-GH connector from DroneCode Standard which combines the SWD and Console UART into a single connector. The -LZ version of the spec also adds an RST pin.

P26 - Arm 10-pin JTAG/SWD

This is a 10-pin 0.50”-spacing JTAG/SWD header with the common pinout used by standard Arm debuggers. Ensure pin 1 on the PCB silkscreen is aligned with pin 1 on the debugger.

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