DFRobot chassis

This section guides you through the assembly of the rover with the DFRobot Chassis.

Pictures of the DFRobot chassis

The following pictures show a possible setup for the DFRobot chassis. Your setup may be differ. Also the detailed description on the next sides differ a bit from this setup, because the description is made of a newer version of the chassis.

NOTE: There are some missing parts and issues with the DFRobot kit. We try to notify you in-line with the assembly guide to help you fix these issues. If you want to see a list of issues to reference while you're building the rover, please go to the "Known Issues" page linked below.

If you have any other issues with building the DFRobot chassis, or want to make a suggestion to help improve this guide, you can use our GitHub repo for this Gitbook and create an issue: https://github.com/NXPHoverGames/NXPCup-GitBook/issues

You may also use the contact information in the "Contact" page linked below.

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