Step 3: Installing ESC

Task 1: Apply tape to ESC

The replacement ESC is supplied separately and will look something like this:

The power connector on your ESC may be this Yellow "XT60"" type or a reddish "DEANS" T-type connector. Either one will work.

Note also - Most off the shelf Brushed ESCs in the approx 40A range should also work.

Note about battery voltage: While the ESC will handle 3S battery, the motor includes a diode accross the back of it which can fail if higher than 2S batteries are used. This will result in a dead short across the leads of the ESC, and may result in smoke or fire. Do not use a battery greater than 2S. If the ESC is not working, burned etc, this is the most likely cause.

We have no data to suggest that motor would still be ok if the diode was replaced with a higher voltage version. Therefore we cannot recommend modifying the diode for higher battery voltage at this time.

A strip of double-sided foam tape is included in the kit. On the bottom side of the ESC, place two stacks of tape on the side closest to the blue and yellow wires, and place5 stacks of tape to the other side as shown in the pictures below:

Make sure to remove the paper cover from BOTH sides of each square of tape before stacking.

Task 2: Install ESC

You can now mount the ESC to the buggy. Place it where the original radio controlled ESC was, while allowing enough room to tuck the wires. The side with only two stacks of tape should be placed closest to the outside edge of the buggy frame.

Task 3: Plug motor into ESC

Next, connect the wires to the motor. The yellow ESC wire goes to the red wire on the motor, while the blue ESC wire goes to the black wire.

The connectors on the ESC side are designed to accept dual connections. The motor side connectors will fit into one of the two holes.

It will not damage the motor if the motor wires are reversed, but the motor will run backward to what is expected. Simply swap them if this happens.

Tuck the wires between the ESC and the motor.

Task 4: Mount ESC power switch

The ESC power switch can be useful when you want to work with the Buggy3 processors and electronics without the fear of the Buggy running away. Therefore this switch should be located somewhere easily accessible once fully assembled.

Apply some double sided tape to the ESC power switch. We suggest mounting it to the mid-plate of the buggy.

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