Step 4: Installing PDB

Task 1: Attach PDB to front mount

Locate the PDB and front shock tower mount as shown below:

You should use four M2.5x5mm screws to mount the PDB to the front mount.

On early 2022 kits, the front mount may have loosely sized screw holes, OR you may find you have stripped the plastic threads.

We suggest using some of the M3 screws from the nylon screw/spacer kit that was included in the buggy box. It may take a bit of force to get them to thread initially, but they should hold much better than the M2.5x5mm screws.

** Alternatively some white glue will also hold the existing screws in place.

Task 1.5: Only for ESC with the "DEANS" T-type connector

If the ESC provided comes with the reddish "DEANS" T-type connector, the front mounting post for the body cover must also be removed or it will interfere with the connection of the ESC to the PDB.

The mid-plate of the buggy must be removed in order to get access to the screw holding the mounting posts. Remove all 8 screws, 4 in the front and 4 in back, of the mid-plate.

Be careful while manipulating the frame that the steering knuckle doesn't fall out or come apart.

Unscrew and remove the front mounting post. The back one can also be removed if you like, but it is not necessary.

Re-assemble the mid-plate of the buggy and move on to task 3.

Task 2: Install front mount to front shock tower

Find the long M2.5x10mm screws to install the front mount.

The front mount should slide over the front shock tower. Use the two screws to secure the front mount as shown below. Do not overtighten the screws or the PDB plastic could strip.

Task 3: Plug in ESC

Now you can plug in the ESC to the PDB. It goes in the middle XT60 or DEANS "T" connector.

The power connector on your ESC may be this Yellow "XT60"" type or a reddish "DEANS" T-type connector. Either one will work. If you have a DEANS T-type, use the reddish-brown connector in the middle of the PDB to supply power to the ESC.

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