Step 7: Install GPS


Note that not all kits use the GPS

An alternative is to use PX4-ARMING-BRD that is also included in the kit

An alternative to using the GPS below is to use PX4-ARMING-BRD. Using the same GPS cable and connector location, this board is typically included in most versions of the kit and provides the following:

  • ARMING Switch

  • Status LED

  • Beeper

  • (and no GPS functions.)

Task 1: Gather GPS parts

Start by gathering the GPS. All the parts you need for this step are included in the GPS package.

Task 2: Construct lower GPS mount

Gather the lower mounting rod holder and the short carbon rod. You will also need one of the set screws from the baggies.

Place the carbon rod into the mount with the flat side facing the set screw hole.

Fasten the set screw.

Attach this assembly to the lower mount like so:

Task 3: Construct upper GPS mount

Gather the upper mounting platform and the other set screw.

Attach the upper mounting plate with the set screw. Make sure that the flat side of the shaft is facing the set screw.

Task 4: Attach GPS to PCB

Gather the baggie with 4 bolts and 4 locknuts.

Attach the GPS mount to the PCB like so:

Note: You may need to adjust the position of the GPS slightly to accommodate the Camera mount installation as described in future next steps.

Task 5: Attach GPS to mount

Apply the 3M double sided tape to the top of the mount.

Attach the GPS to the tape and plug the cable into te GPS port on the FMU. We suggest wrapping the cable around the mount a couple times to catch some slack.

Make sure that the GPS is pointing perfectly forwards!

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