Getting started

This page lists the most important parts of the NXP Cup Developer Guide to get you started.

This user guide should contain most information you need to get your NXP CUP rover. Most pages should be read in order. Sometimes a link to another page or external source is provided. It is often useful to have a (quick) look at the information found on the external page before you continue reading on this GitBook.

Also, remember that GitBook has a search function - use it to locate specific details quickly! You can find the search box on the right side at the top of the page.

If you get stuck during the assembly, please switch to the Known Issues page.

Check the contents of the kit!

After receiving the NXP Cup kit, the first thing you should do is check its contents. A list is available which explains which items should be included in your kit, and the purpose of the different components.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to include absolutely everything you need to drive your rover in the kit. There is a short list of items you will have to buy separately. Most importantly, the kit does not include a battery!

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