Milestone 4 - Advanced Reaction


In Milestone 3, we learned how to react to objects in the simulated world. In Milestone 4, we are upping the ante and introducing a more challenging track with an intersection.


A new track has been added to the simulation! It is your job, as participants, to navigate the track as fast as possible. One caveat - you can't go straight through the intersection!

The intersection contains an AprilTag that you can detect using the example code from Milestone 3.

  1. Complete a lap around the new track

  2. Correctly follow the path set by the AprilTag (ID 2) - turn right when you detect it


NXP Gazebo Summer Camp participants will be asked to submit a video recording of their car going around the track successfully as well as reacting to each object and following the requirements set above. Requirements of this video are as follows:

  1. Video must be less than (10) minutes.

  2. Record your simulated Cup car going around the track successfully with your best time.

  3. Share your thoughts about the NXP Gazebo Summer Camp!

How to update for Milestone 4

You will need to run a git pullin the /ros2ws/nxp_gazebo and ~/ros2ws/src/sim_gazebo_bringup folders to update NXP Gazebo with the new track.

Thank you!

All of us at NXP thank you for participating in the NXP Gazebo Summer Camp. You all helped us improve the simulation environment and gave us a look into the future of NXP Cup. We will keep you all updated with new developments with NXP Cup and the Gazebo simulation environment.

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