Rover kits contents

This page lists the contents of the NXP CUP kits.

DFRobot Chassis

Check with the delivered instructions booklet.

NXP RDDRONE-FMUK66 with enclosure and microSD card

The NXP RDDRONE-FMUK66 flight management unit is the brain of the HoverGames drone but also can be used for rovers. It features NXP sensors and automotive grade components and it is fully supported by PX4 Autopilot software. This GitBook provides instructions and external sources which should help you set up the software.

The FMU comes with a 3D printed enclosure, which can be mounted on top of the drone with double-sided tape. A microSD card is also included.


  • 1x Mainboard

  • 3x Screws M2.5

  • 3x Nuts M2.5

  • 3x Hexagon spacers M2.5

  • 3x Male plug 2-pole

  • 2x flexible single-core cables 0.1m

  • 2x Wire end ferrule mounted on flexible single-core cables

  • 1x IDC FC 10p connector

  • 1x Ribbon cable 10p 50cm

  • 1x 8 Position Rectangular Receptacle

Pixy 2

  • 1x Camera

  • 1x Micro-USB to USB cable

  • 1x Data cable for Pixy (not needed for NXP Cup setup)

  • srews and angles for mounting (not needed for NXP Cup)

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