Support Material

We have gathered different course material from different professors in the EMEA region. These tools provide a quick start for working with the Alamak Car, Model C and the FRDM board. Plus, below documentation gives a good overview of the NXP CUP. Thank's a lot to the professors that provided the material for the community!

Prof. Gerald Kupris, Deggendorf Institute of Technology: Prof.Gerald Kupris from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) in Germany has created “NXP Cup Car Implementation” Course featuring NXP’s FRDM-KL25Z and using CodeWarrior for software development and debugging. The 66-pagesslide deck is a comprehensive course based on the Model-C NXP Cup car kit and updated with some information with the Alamak car kit including use of motor control, sensors, strategy information, vehicle optimization and telemetry. In addition, Prof. Gerald Kupris provides a zipped file containing code sampling for the Alamak car kit. Language: English Document posted by NXP Semiconductor with authorization from Prof.Gerald Kupris.