Step 1: Preparing Car for upgrades

The Buggy3 car frame as shipped *may* need the servo and the motor controller swapped out with replacement versions that are able to be controlled from the FMU

Task 1: Remove Cover

Remove the two pins holding the body cover on and then lift the body cover to reveal the components underneath.

You should find a motor, servo, and radio controlled ESC underneath.

Task 2: Remove original Radio Controlled ESC+Radio RX (if applicable)

Your kit may already have the radio controlled ESC removed. If so, skip this step.

Disconnect the wires connecting the radio controlled ESC to the motor.

Once you have disconnected the motor, disconnect the servo from the radio controlled ESC.

You may now remove the radio controlled ESC. It is held on by double sided foam tape. Gently peel the ESC off the frame of the buggy. There may be some residue left behind. You can remove this residue with a product like GooGone, or use a flathead screwdriver to scrape the residue away.

It is okay if there is some residue left behind.

Task 3: Remove Rear Wing

To remove the rear wing, unscrew the 4 screws holding it on.

Save these parts for later as we will be reattaching them. That includes the screws, wing, and black mounting bracket.

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