Step 11: Wiring the Buggy3

Task 1: Install FMU power module

Gather the FMU power module:

Plug the power module into the PDB. Route the 6-pin power connector to the top PCB and plug into the FMU POWER port.

You may wish to zip tie the power module to the underside of the PCB

Note regarding Buggy 3 Battery

Do not use a LiPo battery larger than 2S. Internal testing has reported issues using larger battery voltages than 7.2V in a 2S battery.

The Buggy3 can use a 2S in the range of 1000 - 5000mAh. Carefully check which ones will fit in the space available. The battery should have an XT60 plug end and not the T or DEANS style end. An XT60 may be soldered in place (carefully - you must be extra careful to never short the battery pins for risk of fire/explosion!) or an adapter from T/Deans to XT60 may be used.

Servo and ESC PWM connections

You will also need to connect the two PWM wires from the servo/ESC. The servo PWM goes in slot 2, whereas the ESC goes in slot 4.

Make sure that the GND wire (brown) goes on top. In the picture below, the cable in PWM slot 4 is INCORRECT! Slot 2 is correct.

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